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Alive Ancol Museum, the Place Where You Can See Magical Phenomena
Articles 06 Feb 2020
Do you plan to visit Jakarta? You have chosen a great destination for a vacation. Speaking about the best place you can visit in Jakarta, you have many options. But, if you are looking for one that is quite popular these days, you can try visiting the alive ancol museum.

What is Alive Ancol Museum?

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It is the branch of the original Alive Museum Korea. Many countries in Asia also have been chosen as the location to build the branch for this museum, such as China, Thailand, Vietnam, Turkey, and Singapore. Here, you also can find interesting and maybe different displayed objects unlike what you can find in other museums.

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Alive Ancol Museum displays many 3D installation arts. The best of all, when you take a picture from a specific angle, you can capture the magical picture you never imagined before. Many of the drawings in this museum can be categorized as anamorphic art or visual illusion art. You can only see its real shape if you see it or take a photo from a special angle and location.
Alive Star

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While you are visiting Alive Museum Ancol, take your time after enjoying the museum to visit the Alive Star attraction. If you are familiar with Madame Tussauds museum, this place is similar to it. You can find many statues of famous figures from around the world. Do not forget to take a picture of these statues. At least, if you can’t find the real one, you can make the wax statue of them here.

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