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Fun Rides You Should Try in Dufan
Articles 20 Aug 2019
Dunia Fantasi or also known as Dufan is the most famous and popular tourist destination in Jakarta. Both locals and tourists love to come and have fun in this amusement park. This 9.5 hectare amusement park is located inside Taman Impian Jaya Ancol. So, it is not surprising that there are a lot of fun rides in Dufan that you should try. Each ride has a different sensation. Here are the fun rides that you should not miss when you are visiting Dufan.


If you do not have the chance yet to experience the real rafting, you can try this fun ride when you are visiting Dufan. When you are riding this ride, you will be brought to explore a 325 meter river with a quite heavy flow. Even though it is only an imitation, you will be able to feel the real sensation of rafting. One boat can accommodate 8 persons. So, this ride is suitable to be tried with your friends of family members.

Ice Age Arctic Adventure

The next fun ride that you should try in Dufan is Ice Age Arctic Adventure. It is said that Ice Age Arctic Adventure is the first ice-themed ride in Asia. So, you should not miss trying this ride, especially if you are also a fan of Ice Age animation movie. In the animated movie, it is told that there is a process of melting ice in the North Pole. And in this ride, you will be able to feel and experience the sensation of the melting ice process. Moreover, there is another fun ride that you can try which is called dark ride.

In dark ride, you will be able to enjoy various special effects and sophisticated technologies which are full of surprises. Here, you can also feel the cold sensation as if you are in the Arctic. There are also some replicas of ancient animals, making this ride suitable for your kids to learn about global warming and ancient animals which were already extinct.

Alap Alap

Alap Alap is another version of roller coaster. Unlike roller coaster that is scary, it can be said that this ride is the safe version of roller coaster that will not make you scared or give you a heart shock. The track of Alap Alap is also not as long as roller coaster. So, this fun ride is suitable for those who are not an adrenaline junkie but curious how it feels like riding a roller coaster.

Treasure Land Temple of Fire

If you want to watch a live performance, the Treasure Land Temple of Fire can be your choice. It is located in Panggung Maxima Dufan. Treasure Land Temple of Fire is a live action stuntman show. This performance shows an attractive yet tense attraction. The live action show is performed by professional stuntman and stunt woman from various countries, such as Brazil, Germany, China, and the United States of America.

Those are the fun rides that you must try in Dufan. Which ride are you interested to try?

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