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Reasons Why You Should Visit Jakarta Aquarium
Articles 27 Aug 2019

For you who are looking for a hangout spot that can make you feel refreshed, you can try visiting Jakarta Aquarium. The location of Jakarta Aquarium itself is already attractive. It is located inside a mall named Neo Soho. This attractive place is already popular in social media such as Instagram. Jakarta Aquarium is fun to be visited with family or friends. Below are the reasons why you have to visit Jakarta Aquarium.

Directly Seeing A Lot of Various Marine Biota

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The first reason why you should visit Jakarta Aquarium is, of course, you will be able to directly see the beautiful marine creatures. Here, you will be able to witness stingrays, giant Pacific octopus, black tip reef sharks, coconut crabs, until pretty small fishes. If you visit this place with your kids, you can teach them the kinds of marine biota.

Diving in A Giant Tank

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If you do not have a chance yet to dive in the ocean, you can feel the diving experience in Jakarta Aquarium as well as train yourself before trying real dive. In Jakarta Aquarium, there is a facility to dive in a big tank. So that you will be able to see those beautiful sea creatures in a close distance. Doesn’t it sound fun and interesting?

There are Many Instagrammable Photo Spots

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Jakarta Aquarium is also suitable for those who love to add selfie photos in your phone gallery. There are many spots and corners in Jakarta Aquarium which are attractive to take pictures. This is also the reason why Jakarta Aquarium is popular among social media users. You can take pictures near the aquarium, mini aquarium, in the middle of the shark decoration, and many more. For those of you who want to upload new photos in your Instagram, try to visit this place.

Watching Underwater Theater Performance

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Do you want to just sit down and get relaxed after exploring the aquarium? You can just watch the underwater theater performance. Here, you just need to sit down, get relaxed, and enjoy the performance with your family or friends. The underwater theater performance will surely make you amazed and also give you a different experience as well.

Directly Feed the Animals

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You are also allowed to directly feed the animals in Jakarta Aquarium. If you are brave enough, you can directly feed piranha. Moreover, even though it is called aquarium, there also land animals such as python snakes and hedgehogs. You will also be able to feed penguins in Jakarta Aquarium.

Enjoying Meals with Penguins

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Do not be worried if you are getting hungry while exploring the aquarium. There is Pingoo Restaurant where you will be able to enjoy meals while seeing a group of Humboldt penguins playing from inside the restaurant. This unique restaurant serves various options of tasty American grills that you can enjoy. There is always a veterinarian and keeper who always keep the hygiene of the penguins and the environment.

Those are the reasons why you should visit Jakarta Aquarium when you have the chance.

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