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Jakarta Traditional Food You Must Try
Articles 31 Dec 2019
Have you ever tried Jakarta traditional food? Despite its metropolitan nature, Jakarta still preserves its traditional Betawi cuisine. Here are 7 dishes that you must try.

Kerak Telor

Kerak telor is egg that is mixed with fried onion and serundeng, or spiced shredded coconut. Although it’s fried until it appears burned, it still tastes delicious.

Soto Betawi

Soto is a kind of Indonesian soup. Soto has many variations from all regions in Indonesia. In Jakarta, there is Soto Betawi which uses beef innards and chips.

Soto Tangkar

There’s another kind of soto you’ll find in Jakarta. Soto Tangkar’s main ingredients are beef ribs cooked with rich spices. It is usually served with chips and chili sauce.

Laksa Betawi

Maybe you know laksa as a Malay dish from Malaysia and Singapore. But, there is a Betawi version. It’s served with ketupat, bean sprouts, egg, and chives.

Sayur Babanci

Sayur Babanci is served with ketupat or steamed rice cake during the fasting month and Eid. Nowadays it has become rare as the spices used to cook it are difficult to find. Despite the name, it doesn’t use sayur (vegetables) at all. In fact, it tastes like gulai, a meat-based Indonesian dish.


This Jakarta traditional food is a vegetarian-friendly dish. It is made of vegetables, tofu, boiled egg, lontong (steamed rice cake), and bihun (rice vermicelli). Ketoprak is served with peanut sauce, sweet soy sauce, and red onion. You can say that it’s a traditional salad.

Roti Buaya

Roti Buaya or crocodile bread is a sweetened bread shaped like crocodile. Because crocodiles only have a mate in a lifetime, it becomes a symbol of devotion. The bread is always served at traditional Betawi weddings.

Now you know some Jakarta traditional food. When you visit Jakarta, don't forget to give them a try!

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